Saturday, September 26, 2009


The first cancellation of the fall season was confirmed on Friday: The CW announced it was pulling The Beautiful Life -- Ashton Kutcher’s second attempt at producing a scripted series – after airing only two episodes. The show’s last outing on Wednesday night only garnered about one million viewers, but worse yet, lost over 60% of its lead-in audience from America’s Next Top Model.

I do try to catch as many new programs as possible during the fall season, unless I find myself having absolutely zero interest in the show. The Beautiful Life was one of those shows. Maybe it’s because I think Mischa Barton has all the personality of a tube of lip gloss. Or maybe it’s because even during the initial press junkets for the show, it never seemed to distinguish itself from the slew of the other “pretty people with problems” dramas out there. At any rate they finished filming four more episodes before the cancellation was announced, but unless The CW suddenly has a desperate need to fill a timeslot, I doubt they’ll ever see the light of day.

Encore showings of the previous night’s Melrose Place will run in The Beautiful Life's place. By comparison, Melrose drew 1.45 million viewers last Tuesday and only lost 33% of 90210’s lead-in.

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