Monday, October 5, 2009


Mitchell Hurwitz and James Vallely, the creator and co-executive producer of Arrested Development, are said to finally be working on the screenplay for the much-anticipated movie version of their short-lived but critically-praised sitcom. Hurwitz is also attached to direct and all of the main actors have at least promised to commit, though scheduling will still need to be sorted out.

I know Development fans have been holding their breath for this movie for almost four years now and this bit of news may give them hope that this film could actually, finally be made. I’ve been slowly making my way through the show for a while now (having missed the boat during its original run), and while I do think it’s one of the best comedies to have ever aired on network TV, part of me still wonders… is a movie absolutely necessary? Maybe a made-for-TV event would be nice, but a feature-length big-screen film? Does the Bluth family really deserve that treatment, or are fans just eager to get any version of them back that they can? Everyone involved – writers, producers, actors, fans – seems genuinely interested in only doing a movie if it can be done right… but has anyone seriously considered that it may just not need to be done at all? Or is that just blasphemy?

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